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Software company Studyo was founded on the ideas of passionate development and continuous improvement

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Studyo provides products and comprehensive consulting services for the education sector.

Studyo has already delivered its services to almost all of the Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, and the company is now growing rapidly among other education sectors.

We love customer service, and our customers have been extremely pleased with us! Read more from our LinkedIn post.

Very customer-oriented, reliable and responsible work every time.
Hardly ever have I seen a tight schedule project that actually goes through the desired (perhaps unrealistic) time without compromising on results.

Our products are already in daily use by almost 150,000 students in about 30 Finnish higher education institutions and vocational schools.

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Studyo's products streamline daily life in educational institutions and support the improvement of the quality of education. Our easy-to-use and accessible solutions already have nearly 150,000 users in universities and secondary schools.

Studyo's products integrate seamlessly with student information systems, regardless of the basic system in use. Students and staff use the products through a student information system or intranet.

The products are offered to customers as a service (SaaS). This guarantees very fast and effortless deployment projects.

Atomi - Electronic certificate signing service

  • Diplomas signed with Atomi meet all the requirements of an EU-approved electronic signature (the strongest level of signatures). Support for the diploma process and electronic signature improve the reliability of certificates and speed up the graduation process. The solution even allows for the complete abandonment of paper certificates, but certainly supports diplomas issued both electronically and on paper at the same time.
  • With Atomi, students can order and generate electronically signed official documents of the study administration (such as study certificates and transcript of records) as a self-service - remotely, immediately, 24/7.
  • The recipient can verify the authenticity of the electronic signature of the received document in Atomi's own validation service (without reliance on third party services).

Valo - Graduation process support

  • Valo includes a comprehensive to-do list of work-related work steps and a diploma application process for the students, counsellors and student administration. Guidance and graduation process are handled in one place: on a common electronic work platform, transparently, in real time.
  • The status and processing history of an individual application is displayed immediately. An overview of all applications facilitates the work of the study administration.
  • Valo directs students to respond to national feedback surveys, which improves the growth of the response rate, which is also one of the important financial elements. Valo has a seamless integration into Atomi’s diploma service, which guarantees uninterrupted process support until the student graduates.

Massa - mass production and delivery of certificates

  • Massa supports, in particular, the delivery of transcripts of students from the Open University, the Open University of Applied Sciences or for instance Mooc courses, even in situations where students do not have access to the institution's electronic services.
  • Massa is an additional service of Atomi, available to the organizations using Atomi.

Spark - Feedback service

  • Spark feedback service is a brand new system for collecting and analyzing course feedback and conducting surveys.
  • The service includes e.g. feedback forms (interim and final feedback, continuous feedback), counter-feedback, question bank, summary view of own feedback forms and their deadlines, as well as the possibility of reminder messages.
  • Reports, visual graphs and data analysis.


We provide comprehensive consulting services for the development of educational information systems, integrations and processes. Our operating method is uncompromising in quality, transparent, and taking into account the customer's individual needs.

We find bottlenecks on the current systems and modify the systems to be easily maintained. We fix bugs and usability problems. We take care of projects with the project management model desired by the customer, agile, agileish or waterfall. The following keywords describe our comfort zone: React, Node.js, Java, Spring Boot, ServiceMix, Camel, Golang.

Our portfolio includes consulting services and project deliveries, e.g. from the following areas:

Information systems development consulting
  • Preliminary studies, service design and project management
  • Functional and technical requirements specifications
  • Architectural design
  • Process change support
  • API management
  • Several customer-specific integrations, e.g. Salesforce, O365, Moodle, TimeEdit, Peppi and Sisu.
Peppi student information system
  • Interoperability (new system component)
  • Individual tuition (new system component)
  • Installations
  • Deployments
  • Business and technical consulting
  • Trainings

About us

Studyo was founded in the summer of 2018 with the idea of ​​“passion to evolve and develop”. This principle has hitherto carried us into refining values

  • Integrity
  • Appreciation
  • Continuous learning

Our values ​​are reflected in our daily work both internally and in the customer work. Integrity means a stable ethical backbone on which our daily decisions are based. We don’t promise too much and we don’t tell the modified truth to each other or our customers. We can apologize if we fail. Appreciation is a compliment to our customers and colleagues. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Continuous learning is fascinating! We challenge both ourselves and our customers to raise the bar and learn new and better ways of working every day, which we believe will provide the best starting point for achieving results. We also promise to be incomparably fun to work with!

The company has grown rapidly and profitably, and today we have three offices (Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio) and 14 amazing team members.

Our team


Tatu Hautamäki

Software developer


Mikko Jänis

Consultant, product owner


Heidi Lehtonen

Software developer


Juha Leppälä

Software developer


Eino Lindberg

Software developer


Mikko Liukkonen

Software developer


Eero Manninen

Software architect


Kalle Manninen

Software architect


Tuomas Pulliainen

Consultant, product owner


Jaakko Rannila

Senior consultant, product owner

+358 50 0959688


Lauri Stigell


+358 40 027 9262


Simo Tiainen

Software developer


Teemu Vilkman

Software developer

Come work with us!

Studyo is financially strong growth company having healthy values. We are constantly looking for experts to strengthen our great team. Put an open application to come, or call and ask for more!

Two software developers

We hire two software developers, primarily for the company's Tampere office.

Are you uncompromising, curious, responsible and passionate? Are you a visionary software developer? Do you identify at least two of the areas of expertise below that are important to us as your strong skills:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Micro services
  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • React
  • Node.js

We offer the opportunity to challenge yourself and challenge us. Above all, we offer the opportunity to do software development that really matters! You can do both product development and customer projects with us.

Studyo is defined by the flexibility of the small house, the ambition and speed of the startup. The organization is low and the operating culture is uncomplicated. Our employment benefits are splendid and we offer extensive teleworking opportunities. Join the good guys!

Inquire about specs either by e-mail boarding (at) or by phone from Lauri on 0400 279 262. We look forward to hearing from you!


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+358 40 027 9262 / Lauri Stigell
+358 50 0959688 / Jaakko Rannila

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