Studyo Ltd designing and implementing API-management and API-gateway solution for the University of Helsinki

  • Lauri Stigell
  • —   ti 11. kes√§kuuta 2020
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Studyo Ltd together with the University of Helsinki created API management principles and selected a technical platform solution (API gateway) to be used in the entire organization in the API-management project. The University of Helsinki has more than 500 systems and hundreds of APIs. The absolute requirement of the service was the scaling of the use of both the model and the technical solution.

The reuse of data and APIs enable more efficient implementation of the new software and integrations. The efficient reuse of APIs requires that the APIs are well-documented and can be found in the same API-gateway. The API management model and the API-Gateway solutions enable the discovery of APIs, secure re-use and the maintenance of integrations.

Studyo’s expert worked in the project as a project manager and as technical support for the project team. The project was completed on schedule, on budget and achieved all the goals set for the project. As a result of the project, the University of Helsinki started using the API management model and the technical API gateway solution in its operational activities.

Really rarely do I come across a project with a strict timetable, which actually goes through in the desired (perhaps unrealistic) schedule without compromising on the quality of the results!

Minna Harjuniemi
Information Technology Manager
University of Helsinki

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Lauri Stigell